A look at the late nineteenth century changes to industrialism, especially the development of corporations and trusts, resultant social divisions and urban development issues (physical and poltical) early labor union development/efforts.

Start with the Gilded Age unit outline. What you will find is very basic -- it is your job to add the details and information you feel, based on your use of the text and AP related materials, is missing. Remember, this will ulltimately be your review source for the exam, therefore the key words are COMPLETE and CONCISE. Too much information or inclusion of useless information will destroy the intent. Once you are done here, go to any of the links below to add you comments regarding the text and supplemental readings. Overall comments go on the general discussions page.

chapters 17-20

Mechanization Takes Command
The Robber Barons
The Coming of the Modern Industrial Corporation
The Farmer's Grievances
Populism-Nostalgic Agrarianism
Populism-Democratic Process
Work, Culture and Society in Industrializing America
Working Class Radicalism in the Gilded Age
Technology, Efficiency and Resistance
The Uprooted
The Spoilsman-An Age of Cynacism
William Jennings Bryan-the Democrat as Revivalist

outside readings
political cartoons


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student support materials

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