The unit will trace causes of the Depression from 1920, Hoover's approach to the problem and the impact of FDR and the New Deal. With the exception of discussions on tariffs, all efforts will center on domestic issues.

As usual, start with the Great Depression unit outline. What you will find is very basic -- it is your job to add the details and information you feel, based on your use of the text and AP related materials, is missing. Remember, this will ulltimately be your review source for the exam, therefore the key words are COMPLETE and CONCISE. Too much information or inclusion of useless information will destroy the intent. Once you are done here, go to any of the links below to add you comments regarding the text and supplemental readings. Overall comments go on the general discussion page.

chapter 24

Who Was Roaring in the Twenties
Conservative Reform Movement
Herbert Hoover and the Crisis of American Individualism
The Third American Revolution
The Myth of the New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt- the Patrician as Optimist

outside readings
political cartoons


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